420 Smoke Tray Remastered Silicone Mold
420 Smoke Tray Remastered Silicone Mold
420 Smoke Tray Remastered Silicone Mold
420 Smoke Tray Remastered Silicone Mold

420 Smoke Tray Remastered Silicone Mold

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This Tray mold is made from soft, tear resistant, very low long term shrinkage silicone. It is great or casting wax, gypsum, resins, concrete and other materials and is heat resistant up to 450°F. 

Any bubbles located on the bottom of the mold due to the fact that this silicone does not require vacuum degassing, and will not affect the inside of the mold or the finished product

The physical life of the mold depends on how you use it (materials cast, frequency, etc.). Casting abrasive materials such as concrete can quickly erode mold detail, while casting non-abrasive materials (wax) will not affect mold detail. Before storing, the mold can be gently cleaned with a soap solution and rinsed with water. Rubbing the mold repeatedly or with things such as fabric and paper towels  can cause scratches to the shine which will cause imperfections in the details. Molds should be stored on a level surface in a cool, dry environment. 


Most artists apply heat to pop bubbles in resin once it has been poured, doing this can be harmful to your silicone mold. It can and WILL burn the resin and can damage  the mold as well. The resin can burn and fuse to the silicone and if the silicone is damaged, it will cause imperfections in the finished product or cause the heated resin to stick to the silicone mold, damaging the mold itself.  If you want to pop the bubbles do so with a torch or heat gun before putting it into the mold. 

All molds are made to order, brand new and never used.  Once orders are placed, it takes 7-10 days to process. 

 If resin is poured too deep, it can cause an exothermic reaction causing the resin to heat super fast and fuse to the silicone, damaging the mold. While no resin is considered food safe, please read your resin instructions and follow their guidelines when using products made from resin. 

Please inspect mold prior to use. Molds are NON returnable/refundable once used. If Mold is damaged prior to use, it may be returned and I will inspect it.  If it is determined that it was a defect prior to shipping, mold will be replaced or refunded (minus shipping costs).

The Tray blank is made from cut acrylic.  The rolling area was made from a 3D blank, cast in resin and then glued to the acrylic blank with UV resin. Because this was glued, there are some areas around the rolling part that are not straight edges (there is a very small area where you can see where it was glued together right around the edge).  

Finished piece once demolded will measure 7.5 x 5  inches  

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